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fated_muse's Journal

narniacmr's graphics community
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about; This is where I post all my graphics and tutorials.
If you like my work you are welcome to watch the community for updates :)

rules; If you want to use any of my stuff please credit either me (narniacmr) or the community (fated_muse).
Do not redistribute, alter or claim any of my graphics as your own.

fandoms; Doctor Who. Star Wars. Lord of the Rings. Sanctuary. Twilight. Stargate. Chronicles of Narnia. Harry Potter. Disney Movies. Lost. Star Trek. Pride & Prejudice. Pixar Movies. Pirates of the Caribbean. Batman Begins/Dark Knight. Heroes. North & South. Stargate. Pixar. Bones. Supernatural. White Collar. Pretty Little Liars. The Vampire Diaries. How I Met Your Mother. The Hunger Games.

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